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My name is Daniel and I am a First Aid Instructor. I have many years experience as a paramedic working for ambulance services in London and Kent and I am also a Clinical Adviser for the NHS 111 out of hours service. I am passionate about delivering first aid training and can offer a wide range of courses that can suit your specific individual needs and requirements.
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Whether it is Basic Life Support and Choking or Emergency First Aid at Work, I can teach a variety of different courses that can be tailored to your area of work and business setting. Courses are run with a good balance of activity based learning alongside current working practices that are delivered in a professional, educational way that encourages learning.

You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you may be required to carry out first aid for someone in need. This could range from applying a sling, helping to control bleeding and in some cases, delivering chest compressions to someone whose heart has stopped. Learning first aid will help to prepare you to manage a first aid incident in a stepwise, easy to remember way. Your actions could make a difference to someone’s life, either in your workplace or your home life.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me via the enquiry page, telephone or Facebook with any questions you have. I am sure I can deliver a course to meet your needs.


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